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Alentus Announces SSL4Life Secure SharePoint Promotion

Laguna Niguel, California. - Feb 06, 2009



ALISO VIEJO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alentus Corporation, a leading provider of web hosting, SharePoint hosting, dedicated servers and managed hosting services, announces the SSL4Life Secure SharePoint Hosting Promotion.

Windows SharePoint Services is the popular web-based collaboration software that allows departments and teams to share documents, schedules and contacts. Among the long list of features, the hosted SharePoint service restricts access by an authentication process, making the service attractive for sharing sensitive information.

To make collaborating via a SharePoint site even more secure, Alentus is offering a free SSL Certificate for every annual SharePoint hosting sign up, from now until February 28, 2009. The SSL Certificate will allow data on the site to be transferred under a 128-bit encryption, making the authentication process on a SharePoint site even more secure. Alentus clients will also have the opportunity to take advantage of an in-house developed configuration method that forces the user's browser to the SSL protected HTTPS URL on both public pages as well as pages requiring login authentication.

"We know that SharePoint is a great collaboration tool for business," said William King, CEO. "By having an internal web-based portal it allows employees to be more efficient as they can access documents while on the road or visiting a client. And with SSL encryption on the site they can do so more securely."

The promotion is being offered on all yearly SharePoint hosting contracts, quoting the promotion code of SP-SSL until February 28, 2009. For more information about the promotion, please visit:

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