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Policies and Procedures

Privacy Policy

Information sent to Alentus is regarded as private and is kept in the strictest confidence. We fully respect the right to privacy, both for individuals and organizations.

We declare that no information volunteered to us will be divulged to ANY third party, and that all information will be used solely for our own customer service purposes. As a customer of ours, you will find that we are secure, reliable, and discreet. We do not distribute our customer's email addresses to anyone. You will never receive spam, junk email or any other unsolicited advertising from anyone who was given your email address from us.

All customer information is considered private, and we do not sell, share or otherwise distribute our customer profiles to anyone. We do use our profiles to help provide better services to our customers which may occasionally involve sending you email regarding new service offerings or changes to our existing offerings.

Please note that Alentus is a legal corporation and it is our duty to cooperate with law enforcement officials when compelled to do so through a court order or other legal means. Persons engaged in objectionable or illegal activity that involves us in any way are not subject to this policy.

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