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ExchangeMail Service Plans

Messaging services that give you the power, functionality and security of the Microsoft Exchange Server.

ExchangeMail from Alentus is an advanced suite of messaging services that gives you all the power, functionality and security of Microsoft Exchange Server, the No. 1 corporate messaging server. Account setup is a breeze and our industry leading Exchange Online Control Panel lets you add and remove services as needed so you are only charged for the services you use. Step up to business class messaging today with Alentus Hosted Exchange and you'll never look back.

  Power Pro Premium
Disk space, single mailbox 1 GB 500 MB 2 GB
Setup on your Domain yes yes yes
  $14.95/mo $11.95/mo $24.95/mo

ExchangeMail Plans & Prices

exchangemail Every workforce is different - Do you have a geographically diverse sales team that requires full Blackberry integration. Or a handful of executives who need wireless and a handful of support staff who just need email.
exchangemail We're Experts - Our Alentus ExchangeMail Experts will help you in the selection and support of a hosted exchange solutions that are tailored to your organization's requirements.
exchangemail Discounts - Available for organizations with over 20 mailboxes. Contact our Sales Department for information.
  • ExchangeMail 2007 comes with a suite of built-in security protection, including Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection to keep communications and your business flowing. Our industry leading control panel comes with features to allow administrators to manage Virus and Spam settings and Quarantine lists.
  • Alentus ExchangeMail can become your new assistant. Features include Calendar and Scheduling Assistants that help you select the best time to schedule meetings, Resource Booking Attendant selects the best location, Advanced Schedulable Out of Office settings that create different messages to be sent and more.
  • With Outlook 2007, you'll have ExchangeMail features directly at your fingertips. Use Outlook Web Access for email, calendar, scheduling assistant, RSS feeds and address book anywhere you're online. BlackBerry and ActiveSync features allow you to access your email from your favorite mobile device.
  • Alentus ExchangeMail is more than just email, Calendaring and Out of Office tasks are available to you even if you do not have access to Outlook Web Access. Use Direct Push technology to receive new or updated emails, calendars and tasks as soon as they arrive. No need to connect to a computer to get your information.
  • Our industry leading control panel puts the features of Alentus ExchangeMail at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust settings as you need to. Our extensive knowledge-base of frequently asked support questions is also complemented by our 24x7 support team, available through email, telephone and live chat support.
We've changed Exchange Hosting Providers To find out more about why we've made this change, read our case study.

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