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MySQL Hosting Options

Now Featuring MySQL 5.0! The MySQL database server is the world's most widely used open source database and can be added to any of our PHP or ASP.NET hosting packages. Its ingenious software architecture makes it an extremely fast and easy-to-use hosted database. Running on Dell Dual Xeon, RAID 5 servers, our MySQL Servers are backed up on a daily basis and optimized for MySQL database hosting security and performance. See below for directions on ordering a MySQL Server database hosting plan.

MySQL Hosting Options

No Setup Fee when added to web hosting!
 Monthly Fee (Annually) $9.00   $18.00  $27.00   $45.00
 Monthly Fee (Quarterly) $10.00  $20.00  $30.00  $50.00
 Setup $20.00   $20.00  $20.00   $20.00
 SQL Disk Space 25 MB  100 MB  300 MB  500 MB
 30-Day Money Back Guarantee accept accept accept accept
 99.999% Network Uptime Guarantee accept accept accept accept
 Red Carpet Database Move accept accept accept accept
 Daily Back-Ups accept accept accept accept
 Same Day Setup accept accept accept accept
 Database Support MySQL
 Enterprise Manager Support accept accept accept accept
 DBO Account accept accept accept accept
 DODBC/OLEDB Connections accept accept accept accept
 Network Connectivitiy MySQL
 4 Upstream Providers accept accept accept accept
 BGP4 Multi-Homed Network accept accept accept accept
 Multiple DS3s accept accept accept accept
 100Mbps Circuit accept accept accept accept
 Redundant DNS Servers accept accept accept accept
 Back-Up Cisco Routers accept accept accept accept
 UPS Back-Up Power Systems accept accept accept accept
 Diesel Generator Back-Up Power accept accept accept accept
 Owned/Operated Data Center accept accept accept accept


Web Designers and Resellers
Host 7+ websites plus SQL Server 2005 with a single MultiPlan account and gain the benefits of Ensim Pro for Windows - the next generation Control Panel platform that provides web designers and hosting resellers with automated site provisioning, administration and management.

How to Order a MySQL Database Hosting Plan

Order MySQL with Hosting. If you wish to add a MySQL database option to your hosting account, simply add the option when you order your hosting account.

Order MySQL without Hosting. If you only need a MySQL Server database without a website, please contact our Sales Department and they will be happy to assist you.

How to Manage Your Hosted MySQL Database

Once your hosted MySQL database is setup by Alentus, you may need to connect directly to it and create your tables and perform other database managment tasks. If you have a pre-written PHP or ASP/.NET application, you will likely need to connect to the MySQL database and run scripts or perform other tasks needed to install the application database on the MySQL server. The sections below describe the tools available and will help you get your initial connections working.

To manage your hosted MySQL database from our on-line management console, you can use the Alentus MySQL Console (refer to your database welcome kit for specific information regarding the MySQL server you need to navigate to).

In addition to our MySQL managment console, there are a number of other tools freely and commercially available that can remotely connect and manage MySQL. If you find a tool you wish to use and it supports remote MySQL connections, most likely you will be able to use it with our server.

Programming Your Hosted MySQL Database with PHP or ASP

All Alentus web hosting plans support PHP and ASP and ASP.NET. Once your MySQL database is setup and ready for use, you can connect to it using your application software or PHP or ASP/.NET. To connect to your database you will need to code the connection strings as well as any queries and other data management functions.

To connect to the database from your application software or PHP code, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Via an ODBC DSN
  • ADO DSN-less connection
  • Directly through PHP

In general, the connection code will be part of your web site application and you will need to set it up to connect to the correct server using your user name and password. If you are using PHP, you can connect with ODBC but it is recommended that you use the direct method instead. ASP does not support a direct connection to MySQL in the same manner that PHP does, for this you need to use ODBC or a DSN-less connection.

You may choose to any of the above methods to access the MySQL Server. If you plan to use an alternate method of connecting to your database, please contact our support department to ensure we can support the particular method you have in mind.

MySQL Database Hosting Technical Information

For information on using MySQL, MySQL Console and other MySQL database management tools, please see the following section of our Technical Support Center:

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