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Our Commitment

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Our network is the backbone of our business and we have spent more than $1 million building and equipping two state-of-the-art data center hosting facilities. Our engineering objectives have always been clear: total network reliability and continuous access through the design and implementation of secure, redundant, fail-safe systems. Since the commisioning of our multi-homed network several years ago, our average network availability has exceeded 99.999%.

While we have every confidence in the reliability of our own network, please be aware that interruptions, network congestion and equipment failures can occur at points that are outside of or upstream of the Alentus network. As such, we cannot guarantee the reliability of access to your site due to circumstances that are beyond our control.

Our Guarantee

If we fail to maintain 99.999% network availability, please contact us and request a credit of 5% off that month's hosting fee. You can apply your credit towards your account or the purchase of any of our products and services. The only instances where we cannot offer you a credit are when interruptions are caused by scheduled maintenance, errors from your own custom or commercial applications, scripts, settings, or code or outages that do not affect the appearance of your website, but may affect access to other services such as FTP, Newsletter Pro, Urchin, WordPress, or email.

More About the Alentus Network

Our Cisco-powered network is a multi-homed, redundant network with BGP4 routing across our multiple carriers. With multiple Gb burstable circuits from multiple different carriers, we have built in a layer of redundancy that eliminates reliance on one carrier alone. If one of our high-speed circuits fails, the flow of data packets will automatically switch over to our other carrier circuits, which are provisioned with enough capacity to handle more than twice our normal daily traffic and bandwidth requirements.

Our network management and monitoring software provides continuous, around the clock monitoring of our Internet connectivity and network devices and includes aggressive alert notification mechanisms to notify our systems engineers of any existing or potential problems.

Within our data centers, we manage a Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps) internal backbone, our own power distribution systems, an array of uninterruptible power supplies, more than 20 tons of air conditioning, video surveillance and motion detector alarms. Our backup electricity is secured by our Cummins diesel backup generator with an automatic switchover system and maintain enough fuel onsite to operate the generator for a number of days.

Future Plans

After many years of steady growth, we continue to make large investments in our data center and network infrastructure and we will continue to do so. Our future plans include ongoing refinements to our existing systems and software, enhanced levels of security and redundancy and the implementation of more sophisticated hosting automation systems.

Our mandate and business objectives are clear: provide our customers with the most reliable, secure and dependable Internet hosting service available in the marketplace today.

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