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Alentus SQL Backup Service

for SQL Server Databases


You Need - It’s Friday afternoon, and you’re celebrating! You’ve just had your busiest week ever. Then the phone rings. It’s your IT team. A patch they’ve applied to your application has corrupted your database. All your data is gone. They forgot to make a new backup of the database before the patch and restoring the default backup could mean losing as much as a day worth of data. A more frequent backup schedule could have provided you with a way to retrieve nearly ALL of that data, but who has time to run that many backups?


We Do - With Alentus SQL Backup Service, simply FTP into your backup account, grab the last known good Backup File, as fresh as 1 hour before the incident, and have it restored.


So Simple - Alentus SQL Backup Service is our optional additional backup service that lets you determine how often you want accessible backup files created of your valuable information. And it allows you access to them whenever you like: 24 hours a day and as often as you need. The SQL Backup Service adds an additional level of reassurance, beyond Alentus’ own daily emergency restoration backups, putting control of, and access to your data, back in your hands.

Choose from 3 Backup Plans

Hourly Backup Daily Backup WeeklyBackup
$100.00/mo. $50.00/mo. $25.00/mo.
24 Active Files
Maintained on Alentus Servers
7 Active Files
Maintained on Alentus Servers
4 Active Files
Maintained on Alentus Servers

How to Order

call Please contact our Sales Department at 1-877-922-9903 or [email protected]

customers For existing customers: Login to Alentus Support Center and Submit a Ticket via Sales & Ordering. Choose the plan you would like from the Website Software, Applications or Service drop-down menu.

How to Order a SQL Server Database Hosting Plan

If you wish to add a SQL Server database option to your hosting account, simply add the option when you order your hosting account. If you only need a SQL Server database without a website, please contact our Sales Department and they will be happy to assist you.

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