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Parallels - Plesk

The latest version of Parallels Plesk control panel delivers the industry's comprehensive control panel solution

All Alentus MultiPlan accounts come complete with Parallels Plesk control panel, making site provisioning and management simple for website entrepreneurs, web design firms and resellers. With an intuitive and attractive interface as well as new security and product integration features, the Alentus MultiPlan + Parallels Plesk hosting solution is your ideal reseller solution.

Get More Done and Impress Your Clients!

If you are a website creator, designer, or hosting reseller the Alentus MultiPlan Control Panel helps put you in total control of your own site hosting business. The Control Panel provides easy-to-use, time saving domain level administration for all common site hosting management tasks: set resource limits, manage user accounts, manage services, setup site templates, view reports and much more.

All backed by the unmatched, always available and award-winning technical support services of Alentus - the Pros in Windows Hosting.

With more security and the highest level of stability, Plesk is designed to be the most stable and secure control panel available. Redesigned with a clean and easy to use interface,

With an Alentus MultiPlan account, you have access to two levels of login with the Parallels Plesk control panel:

Client/Reseller: This user is granted domain creation rights, where the Alentus customer can powerfully administer groups of domains with a single login.

Domain User: This user is granted access from the Client/Reseller, with predetermined permission sets and interfaces for single domain administration.

Client/Reseller Panel

Service Plan Management

bundles Create bundles or applications and server resources for targeted customer segments.

new sites Automate new site deployment by defining a domain template once.

domain templates Create an unlimited number of targeted domain templates for sites.

defaults Rely on default templates created by admin.

track Track supported applications and allocated resources such as disk space, monthly bandwidth and number of users.

bundle Bundle and meter top requested features such as multiple SQL databases and web users.

security options Choose different security options during site creation (allowing remote access, scripting, allow scripting to web users)

mane multiple domains Manage multiple domains from a single login.

Domain Management

bullet Web interface for SQL database access

bullet Site preview even when DNS is not configured

bullet Manage virtual directories

bullet Manage MIME types

bullet Manage Custom Errors

bullet Manage Default Documents

bullet Manage QoS settings – Bandwidth, Connections Limit

bullet Automatically create a new site with point-and-click ease, based on a domain template or custom requirements

bullet Manage IP-based (dedicated IP) or name based (virtual, shared-IP) domains.  Create standard- or frame-forwarding domains.  Manage SSL certificate for domains

bullet Upgrade a domain from name-based to IP-based and vice versa, change physical hosting to standard- or frame-forwarding hosting

bullet Upgrade the resources available to an existing site, manage permissions

bullet Monitor bandwidth on a per site basis by traffic type: http/https, ftp

bullet Use AWstats, Webalizer, or Urchin to see traffic statistics.

bullet View traffic history screen

bullet Manage webusers

bullet Manage multiple SQL databases per site

bullet Create protected directories (SSL and non-SSL), assign users to them

bullet Log rotation management

bullet Upload and manage site files using File-Manager

bullet Manage multiple FTP subaccounts

bullet Instant Domain ON/OFF switch

bullet Use Windows Scheduler

bullet Create and Manage Custom Domain skeleton directories

bullet Perform and store Domain Backups

bullet Manage Domain aliases

bullet PHP4 and PHP5 per Domain

bullet User ODBC Data Sources

bullet Client User's PDF

Domain User Panel

Domain Management

configure sites Configure sites and update application settings

upload Upload, manage, backup and restore site files

Users Create webusers, allow them scripting capabilities, assign hard disk quota

Multiple databases Manage multiple SQL databases per site

monitor Monitor bandwidth on a per site basis by traffic type: ftp

arrow View traffic history

analyze Analyze web logs via Webalizer

Protect web directories, assign users to them

log Log rotation management

Upload and manage site files using file-manager

ftp accounts Manage multiple FTP subaccounts

scheduler Use Windows Scheduler

cog Manage web-applications

world Manage Domain aliases

php PHP4 and PHP5 per domain

User ODBC Data Sources

Domain User's PDF

Register a Domain

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